Alp Kaan Aksu


At home in Munich

Tue May 14 2024

As I was creating my new personal website, I wanted to introduce myself in a few words. Usually, people talk about what they create, where they work at, where and what they study, or maybe also where they live. For the past few years, I also had a similar introduction: at first, I was a ‘student at a renowned German international highschool in Istanbul’, then I was a ‘computer science student at TUM’ for a year, and finally a ‘psychology and computer science student’, for the last version, I also added that I live in Munich.

Today, I wanted to write something else. The first change I had in mind was dropping the copula. I wanted to avoid saying ‘I am …’, I wanted to describe myself functionally. What I do is more important. But I struggle to find those actions that define me. Sadly, my most defining feature is that I live in Munich, and study computer science and psychology…